My first creative outlet was writing. I first found this medium as a way to express my opinions, thoughts, learnings. I then began to utilize this art form as a way to connect with artists and creatives alike, often using my platform as a way to introduce their work to various audiences.

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Conversations with michelle joan papillion

Art Basel Miami is a time to experience the work of some of the most respected and cutting edge artists within the states and beyond. Everyone heads to Basel with many different intentions in mind. However, the one thread that connects each and every attendee is their appreciation for art and its creators. While engaging with some of this amazing work, I became more and more curious about those behind the scenes responsible for discovering and providing platforms for these well-deserved artists. This is where Ms. Michelle Joan Papillion enters. She is the owner of Papillion, a contemporary art gallery located in Los Angeles’ Leimert Park. I had the honor of chatting with her about her journey as a gallerist as well as what attracts her to emerging artists and designers alike. 

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conversations with Kai avent-deleon, owner of sincerely, tommy

I’m always drawn to those who are driven to create experiences and platforms that represent their individuality and the uniqueness of a customer base that isn’t being adequately served. For this reason, I was drawn to the work of Kai Avent-deLeon and Sincerely, Tommy. More than a concept store, it’s a movement. Kai and the ST team are creating a space where people can engage with the work of emerging designers while connecting over coffee with others who share their same appreciation for unique beauty.

I was too excited to sit down and chat with Kai about her process, what has driven her so far and what she envisions for her future. Check out what she had to say!

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The motivation behind creativity: photographer, rog walker

What’s the most organic form of communication for any individual? This doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to speaking and writing. Forms of communication can and do vary. For Rog Walker, photography is his medium. It connects him with humanity on an intimate level.

As an artist his aim is to “create something that is a reference point for a culture. Telling the story of an undefined group of people.”