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I produce creatives' visions.

I am a Senior Project Manager with Local Projects. Over my 12 year career, I have found ways to promote the arts in my daily work. Currently, my main role is to manage physical and media related exhibition design projects, partnering with the Creative Director of my project to push forward the overarching vision and goal for a cultural institution.

Separately, I've produced a number of exhibitions where I've acted as the chief curator, producer, installer and art dealer. Much of my past work has focused on the emerging artist and cultivating those talents. At my core, I believe in the platform of artistic expression and the way in which art continues to start relevant and meaningful conversations.

I received her Bachelors of Science and Engineering in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan in 2005 and I am currently based in New York City seeking and open to consultative projects on the West Coast.



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